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JK Marine Services

J.K Marine Services. is one of the leading recognized Inspection & Survey companies in India, established in 2017 at Kandla, Mundra, Tune & Hazira. The company was founded by the Mr. Koteshwar Rao Goraka an, whose association with this field since 2017 is well known. Our recognition, experience and expert is in this field is now in its 20 years.

Container Inspection
  • Inspection of empty dry containers as per Seaworthy & IICL
  • Inspection & temperature checking of Refer containers
  • Inspection of empty/Loaded Tank containers
  • Inspection of empty as per require Food cargo (A Grade box)
  • inspection of loaded containers external
  • Pre Survey for before Repair the container
  • Post Survey for after Repair the container
  • On-Hire containers inspection
  • Off-Hire containers inspection
Cargo Inspection & Measurement
  • Commodity Inspections, Sampling
  • Measurement of Cargo
Break Bulk Cargo Vesel Handling
  • Vessel Draft Survey
  • Discharge cargo Under hook Tally
  • Import Cargo Delivery Tally & Supervision
  • Export Cargo Carting Tally & Supervision
  • Loading cargo under hook Tally
  • Supervision of Loading and Discharging
  • Measurement of Cargo
  • Customer Wise Reports Shift basis / daily basis
Over Dimensional Cargo Inspection
  • ODC cargo lashing Service of 20'OT, 40'OT, 20'FR, 40'FR, 20'FB, 40'FB
  • ODC special cargo lashing inspection of 20'OT, 40'OT, 20'FR. 40'FR, 20'FB, 40'FB
CFS & Warehouse Management
  • Gate In/Out Survey
  • Measurement of all cargo
  • Hazardous Cargo Segregation & Stowage.
  • Warehouse Management
  • Monitoring of Reefer Containers
  • De-stuffing Instruction
  • Export cargo carting inspection
  • Stuffing/De-stuffing supervision
  • Cargo inventory
  • Supervising during special cargo export loading at factory premises
  • Wood Logs inspection at Cfs, Yard
  • Logistics control covering the in and out movement from ICD's/CFS's
  • Warehouse Controls
  • Stock Management for Dry Commodities
  • Tally & Supervision of Cargo Stuffing and De-stuffing operations
  • Supervising during special cargo import loading for factory premises
  • Supervision of Loading and Discharging
  • Liaison with Port/Customs/Concor authorities
  • Customer Wise Reports
Empty Yard Management
  • Gate In/Out Survey
  • Gate in containers put stack line wise
  • Maintain FIFO basis containers
  • Release empty container fifo basis
  • Yard Management 24*7
  • Provide customer wise reports
Shipping Container Line Service (Import Cycle)


  • Inspection of external visual condition of loaded containers
  • Supervision of de-stuffing for LCL containers with inspection of cargo and tally the packages as per IGM
  • Report on condition of container after de-stuffing.
  • Generate and Filling of LG, FTP & SMTP etc.
  • Update Gate In/Out, De-Stuff moves online
  • Provide Pendency Report
  • Process all Customs permission for reworking of import / export units attend joint survey on behalf of Agent.

  • Inspection of external visible condition of loaded containers
  • Report on condition of containers while gate in after factory de-stuffing
Shipping Container Line Service (Export Cycle)


  • Inspection of empty container
  • Allotment of empty container on FIFO basis
  • Preparation of stuffing report
  • Inspection of visual inspection of loaded containers for dispatch on En-block
  • Report gate out activity for empty units moving out for factory stuffing
  • Collect & receive shipping bills / transference copies for containers arriving by road / rail and doc's
  • Collect & receive transference copies received through courier from various origin officers
  • Check documents with export advance list and report any missing documents
  • Prepare mate receipts on receipt of load list from Agents
  • Email copies of mate receipts to concerned origin location as per instructions
  • Prepare CLP's for local stuffed export cont and report
  • Prepare export general manifest and submit to Customs

  • Joint survey of damaged container or cargo at Cfs or factory premises
  • On hire/ off hire survey as per IICL guidelines
  • Pre/Post survey of repaired containers
  • Value Added Services:

  • Will update the activities of container movements on a day to day basis
  • Maintain CFS wise inventory for empty containers
  • Follow up with concerned vendors for containers which are under repairs